What Do We Want? Ice Cream! When Do We Want It? Now!

Google has once again delivered with their latest ice cream sandwich release. In an event that was supposed to be the unveiling of the long awaited Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Google outright stole the show. With so many new features announced last night (or this morning in Hong Kong), we shall only touch on a few.

Android Beaming

Android Beaming allows two users to instantly trade data by simply bumping their phones together. For example say you wish to show your friend a story that is on the PhoneKnack website, you would simply bump your phones and viola, they would instantly be taken to the site. Android Beaming also works with games, maps and other apps you can find on your phone. The transfer between the two phones was seamless and without delay, this could be a new way to transfer data in the future.

Face Unlock

Google single-handily changed how we unlocked our phones with the introduction of the pin and pattern unlock. With the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich they have taken it a step further, in steps Face Unlock. The idea is simple, no longer do you need to enter a pin or pattern to unlock your phone, the phone will recognize your face and unlock itself. Though it did not work as smoothly as Google had hoped during the live onstage demo, once the bugs are ironed out Face Unlock sounds like a real winner.

Every Swipe Counts

With the omission of physical buttons on the Galaxy Nexus how can one expect to get around on their phone without a home button etc, Ice Cream Sandwich has the answer. Swipe gestures are key to maneuvering around your phone. In order to access tabs in your browser you simply swipe through them, a simple swipe across a tab will close it. Swiping through your home-screen is easy and very smooth thanks to the dual core processor of the Galaxy Nexus. Google really hits the use of swiping on the nose and can definitely change the way we interact with our phones.

There are many new features that we have not discussed that Google has placed in Ice Cream Sandwich, overall all it seems to be a hit. Feel free to sound off in the comments with your thoughts and make sure to check out the official Ice Cream Sandwich video below.


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