iPhone 4S May Receive Unlocking Treatment

With the release of the iPhone 4S came much fanfare and some disappointment from Apple fanboys who had long been awaiting the iPhone 5. However, when Apple released the iPhone 4S they included two things: iOS 5.0 and their new A5 chip, which is the new processor for Apple’s future devices.  With the introduction of both of these things, Apple took one further security measure to make sure their iPhone devices were not being unlocked. Well known hacker, Pod2G recently stated on his Twitter account that he is close to hacking the iPhone 4S. He is using a untethered jailbreak option, which means that the device can be powered without computer assistance.

We as well as all iPhone 4S users will be keep their fingers crossed for this jailbreaking option to actually work. Feel free to sound off in the comments after the break to let us know how excited you are of a possible jailbreak on the iPhone 4S. We tip our hats off to Pod2G for all his hard work.


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