Windows Phone to Overtake iPhone in 2015?

According to reports posted on WPCentral, IHS iSuppli Mobile & Wireless Communications Service, a market research company has come to a conclusion that shows that by 2015 Windows Phone will have a higher share of the smartphone market than Apple. For many of us that seems very far-fetched when thinking of the iPhone compared to Windows Phones, however, IHS provides a few insights to back its claim.

“….. Nokia will drive the development and expansion of the Windows Phone market, opening up opportunities for other players, Lam said. “Because of Nokia’s support, apps developers will eagerly shore up the Windows platform. This will cause other makers of Windows Phone devices, such as Samsung and HTC, to offer more products supporting the OS—further expanding the market.”

With the Apple prepping for the iPhone 5’s release this year will Microsoft be able to produce an iPhone killer? Only time will tell if Windows Phone can indeed overpass the iPhone but in the long run competition is always good for consumers.


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