Verizon to Offer Shared Family Data Plans?

Parents rejoice, parents rejoice! Those who are on a family plan are limited to which options they can choose when it comes to setting up multiple phones on a given plan. With all cellphone companies offering an outstanding list of smartphone options, the only way one can enjoy a smartphone is with a data plan. Currently cellphone companies allow users on family plans to share minutes, but Verizon is looking to take things a step further. Instead of each phone on the plan having a separate data plan, Verizon is looking to create a shared family data plan.

By doing this, Verizon is essentially helping to save families money by having them pay a flat rate for access to the internet and other features that utilize data. From the training materials that have been uncovered it looks as though Verizon will have a single monthly charge for data bandwidth along with a $9.99 charge for each line using the data. These charges are not set in stone and can be more or less whenever Verizon officially releases their shared family data plan.

Let us know what you think of Verizon’s shared family data plan, do you think it will work?


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