iPhone 5 To Feature 3D Camera?

With Apple constantly looking to push the envelope when it comes to their products we can only speculate as to what the iPhone 5 will feature. Apple has recently filed a patent for a 3D imaging camera and it can mean a series of things. Patents are filed all the time by big corporations and that does not necessarily mean that these ideas will ever be used in a finished product, however, 3D imaging would be something that Apple could very well include in the next edition of the iPhone.

If Apple does decide to implement a 3D camera on the new iPhone, this will put the camera on the levels of some point-and-shoot cameras, such as Nikon.  Not only could Apple place 3D abilities in the camera but image if Apple used this same technology on the visuals layouts of the iPhone. HTC first made an attempt with the EVO 3D but the idea was not fully developed and customers did not truly care for the 3D notion, however, in the smartphone world six months to a year is enough time to establish a new trend and swing customers opinion on new innovative technology.

Face Unlock

With a 3D capable camera, Apple would be able to take the idea of Google’s Face Unlock and bring it to the next level. Google’s Face Unlock allows your phone to recognize your face and unlock itself, the problem is a simply picture of you can unlock the phone. With a 3D camera, it is possible that a similar facial recognition software can be written to eliminate problems that Google faced when unveiling Face Unlock.


What a 3D camera could do for the smartphone market is unimaginable. Smartphone makers would be scrambling to one up the iPhone and the customers are the ones who will greatly benefit from this type innovation. Though this may be a rumor or another speculation, we can not sleep on the idea because the technology is here. It’s no longer a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.


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