Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 Review

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 Review

Written by: Simon Drew

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2: Small and cute

There’s something exceptionally cute about a phone called a Galaxy Mini, or at least as cute as a smartphone can get. Released in 2011 as a cheap and cheerful alternative to more expensive phones on the market, the Samsung Galaxy Mini was an impressive offering. Now Samsung have announced a follow-up to their mini mobile in the form of the Galaxy Mini 2, set to be revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We won’t know absolutes about this phone until then, but in the meantime what can we expect to see in the Galaxy Mini 2?

Well, design-wise the Galaxy Mini 2 is going to be similar to its predecessor. As its name would suggest, this is a compact phone and the Galaxy Mini 2 will be no exception. Bigger than the original Galaxy Mini, the updated model’s screen measures in at 3.27inchs on the diagonal compared to the Mini’s 3.14inch. With this bigger screen Samsung have, thankfully, also increased the resolution to 320 x 480 pixels. This isn’t a screen that’s going to blow your mind, but the resolution is enough to keep icons and menus looking crisp.

As for its profile, the Galaxy Mini 2 measures 11.6mm thick; not exactly thin, but there are certainly chunkier models out there. It even comes with a funky yellow back cover – perfect for those looking for a more fashionable phone.

Some might be disappointed that the Galaxy Mini 2 will come loaded with Android’s 2.3 Gingerbread OS rather than Ice Cream Sandwich, but as this is a budget phone it’s hardly surprising. If the Mini 2 was designed to be sold as a high-end smartphone with a high-end price, then you would be entitles to complain about it lacking the new Android OS. As it is, this phone is likely to be reasonably cheap and will have the OS to match.

Like most Samsung phones, we imagine the Galaxy Mini 2 will come pre-loaded with Samsung’s favourite apps. Expect to see the likes of Social Hub, Music Hub, Movie Hub and its ChatON messaging service. Of course, these are easily deleted if you don’t want your new phone clogged up with apps.

The Galaxy Mini 2’s hardware isn’t going to be the most impressive you’ll come across. There is an 800MHz processor there, which is pretty poor these days, but should still be enough to keep the phone running smoothly most of the time. It comes with 4MB of internal storage, which again isn’t that much, but with the option to add a SD card this is easily remedied.

Perhaps most disappointing is the phone’s less than impressive 3MP camera; if you’re looking for a phone that will give you impressive photographs then the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 is not the one for you. If you’re looking for a half-decent smartphone for a cheap price, though, the Mini 2 will just about do.

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